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Friday, September 5, 2008

= Soy bean milk


Cow milk is source protein and good vitamin, but fuel increase of price affect towards rise it foodstuff belongs cow milk. Although so, don't dissapointed because still many sources protein and Vitamin at the price of relative cheaper, Milky soy bean. Following expert nutrient, Prof. Dr. Ir. Made Astawan, Soy bean milk superiority is has sour composition amino that resembles with cow milk, non-kolesterol, with doesn't evoke disturbance intoleransi laktosa.

Making soy bean milk
At market is sold two soy bean milk kinds, First powder soy bean milk, necessary melted with warm water before is drunk. Second kind liquid soy bean milk ready drinks. If you have leeway, making soy bean milk self far cheaper and Awaking the cleanliness. Easy soy bean milk is made and doesn't need complex device. First stage makes soy bean milk is choose good soy bean kind. For soy bean milk best chosen yellow soy bean (white). Washing out soy bean have a certain quality good.

Process furthermore boil soy bean during 30 minutes in temperatures 70 degrees celcius. Soy bean seed then milled with add 1% boiled peanut to has softened milk taste and 1 sesame seed tablespoon, fried without oil every 3 kg soy bean seed.

In course of soy bean seed rice mill, add water with percentage 1:10 between soy bean and water. This soy bean porridge is then is boiled during 25-30 minute. Filter and heating return soy bean essence liquid. Whilst hot, packing into bottle and Sterilizing soy bean milk in bottle by pasteurisasi, Its way with steam or boiling milk full bottle during 15 minutes. Make cool and Saving in cupboard refrigerators. Soy bean milk ready drunk and Can kept during 5-10 day.

Tall Protein
Following Prof. Made Astawan, Soy bean contains 35-40 percent protein, highest between hundreds pod kind. Soy bean Protein equal with protein exist in in meat. Still, dish soy bean milky soy bean usually has aroma langu with contains substance of a kind oligosakarida. This substance can not digested by body and can causes puffed up stomach or Flatulensi. This deficit can caused the loss of by soaking and Poaching.

Tall soy bean milk protein, Especially sour kind amino lisin. More some water that added into soy bean milk so value excelsior protein it. Ideally soy bean milk contains degree protein 3%. Following Prof. Made Astawan, Children under five that drink 2 glasses of soy bean milk will be fulfilled 30% from need total protein daily. Quality protein also equal with cow milk. Protein eficiency ratio (per) cow milk is 2,5 while soy bean milk 2,3.

Safe soy bean milk consumpteds all age, Especially for tall cholesterol sufferer and Pengidap heart sickness. Also low fat and Proteinnya doesn't evoke energy, Very correct drunk for one who is enduring to diet low fat or Program is demoting heavy body.

Superiority other soy bean milk is rich vitamin and Calcium. In cow milk consists in E's vitamin, K, B1, B2, Niasin. From mineral group, Also doesn't disappoint soy bean milk pregnancy. Mineral likes natrium, Iron, Calcium and Phosphorus found in soy bean milk.

Tips consumings soy bean milk.

1. Looking at expired date if buys soy bean milk in package.
2. Add aroma, Liking vanili, Chocolate or Fruits aroma to decrease aroma langu soy bean milk.
3. Add sugar sufficient to increase taste cloth. Don't add sugar too much, Add 5-7 percent.
4. Processing soy bean milk is pudding basic commodity, Yoghurt or Nutrient value fresh juice mixture increases.
5. Degree protein minimal 3%.
6. Maximum bacteria pregnancy 300 colonies per gram.
7. Present warm or Cold because citrasanya tasteer.
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Alok Kumar said...

Very correct drunk for one who is enduring to diet low fat or Program is demoting heavy body.

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