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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

= Aterosklesrosis


Aterosklesrosis or ”the hardening of blood vessels,” meant the pile of coral and the pliancy loss of blood vessels.

Aterosklesrosis the coroner had an impact on blood vessels that brought blood headed the heart, and could trigger the heart attack. Whereas aterosklerosis karotid the coroner had an impact on blood vessels that brought blood to the brain and could trigger stroke.

The heart attack was a situation that was threatened the spirit. If late was dealt with, big the possibility of the sufferer will experience the death.

Was based on the Department of Health data and the Foundation of the Heart Disease, The illness the heart was the cause of the main death in Indonesia.

The heart attack (heart attack/the infarct miokard) was the situation where the heart muscle (miokardium) experienced damage or the death. This could be caused because of the stopping of the supply of blood that brought oxygen. The supply of blood could be disrupted resulting from:

1. of one of the coroner's pulses were blockaded during several times, this could resulting from spasme (to tight him the coroner's pulse), or resulting from trombus (blood clotting).

2. existences of the constriction and the obstruction by the dump from fat substances (cholesterol, trigliserida) that was increasingly old increasingly many and accumulated under the deepest layer (endotelium) from the wall of the artery.

The heart disease also was wrong the risk factor of the occurrence stroke. Stroke was marked by the disturbance emergence/the sign of the central nervous system (the brain), both that was local and global (the decline in the awareness) that was resulted in by the disturbance of the circulation of blood on the brain that took place more than 1 day.

Along with signs of the coronary heart disease:

1. feelings were pressed (as being fallen on by the burden, pain, was hemmed in, was blackmailed, was burnt) on the chest, and could creep into left arms, the neck, and the back.

2. were choked or crowded for more than 20 minutes.

3. cold sweats, weak, the heart pounded, and unconscious.

4. increasingly decreased by resting, but getting heavy with the activity.

Stroke could happen in all the age stages, his frequency was higher to the person who had risk factors for the occurrence stroke.

Risk factors stroke that was main was hypertension, the heart disease, diabetes, hiperkolesterol, obesity, smoked, the user of narcotics, and hiperurikemia (vein acid).

To prevent the occurrence stroke or stroke occurred again that is by living healthy, controlled the risk factor and medicine therapy.
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