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Thursday, August 14, 2008

= Green Tea


The hard-working men drank green tea totalling five cups in a day could reduce the risk of prostate cancer, compared to only drank two cups tea a day.

Was based on results of the Ministry's research of the Health, Welfare, and Japanese Manpower that involved 50 thousand men, the habit drank green tea evidently could localise the common cancer cell was in the prostate.

Shoichiro Tsugane, The head of the Division Epidemologi and the Prevention from the Centre of Cancer of Nasional Japan, increasingly strengthened the usefulness of green tea.

The thinkers Japan stated green tea had several contents certain, among them antioksiden polyphenol, fluoride, mangaan, caffeine and tannin.

Antioksidan polyphenol beneficial reduced the risk of the heart disease, killed the tumour cell, and hindered the growth of the cancer cell. Moreover, also helped the smoothness of the process of the digestion.

Fluoride was the mineral that could prevent the growth of teeth caries, preventing gingivitis, and hollow teeth.

The content of caffeine in green tea of as many as 3-5 percent, then will make the body and thoughts be felt fresher.

While tannin, it was known could prevent and treat the disturbance of the kidney, even the still wet tea leaves could be used as the compress when being affected by the insects bite or could also as the compress when being affected by the insects bite or could also as freshener for the tired eyes. (LID).

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