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Sunday, August 17, 2008

= Smoking?

SMOKE sped up teeth CARIES

Cigarettes not only caused cancer, the lungs, the heart disease, but also caused the problem of the other health. Therefore, avoided smoked if you not want to like this low matter.

To hair could result in to fell. Cigarettes weakened the immunity system, so as the body was more susceptible to the illness like lupus erythematosus that caused hair to fall, the mouth thrush, and the eruption cutan (the existence of the red spot) on the face, the scalp and the hands.

The eyes, could result in cataracts. Smoked was believed could aggravate the condition for the eyes. Cataracts, also could Made the colour to be white to the eyepiece that obstructed the entry of the light and caused blindness.

Of 40% happened to the smoker who caused cataracts by means of making the irritation to the eyes by being freed him chemicals in the lungs that by the blood circulation below down to the eyes.

Even so to skin could experience wrinkles. His cause was cigarettes, because of early ageing to skin because of destruction of protein that was useful to maintain skin elasticity, terkikis him vitamin A and the hindering of the blood circulation. The smoker's skin became dry and wrinkled especially in the area of the eyes lip.

Lose listening, that was caused because of cigarettes (tobacco). The emergence because of sediment to the wall of blood vessels so as to hinder the rate of the blood circulation in interior ears, cigarettes could lose listening was earlier than the person that did not smoke or more was easy to lose listening because of the ears infection or the loud voice.

Including skin cancer that also happened because of cigarettes. The possibility happened the death was higher as a result of aggravating the illness that was suffered.

Caries. Cigarettes influenced the chemical balance in the mouth so as the condition for the mouth was sourer, formed the excessive plaque, made teeth become yellow so as to speed up the occurrence of caries. The risky smoker lost their teeth 1.5 fold times.

And emphyse. A widening and destruction of the pocket of air to the lungs that reduced the capacity of the lungs to suck oxygen and released CO2.

well, so the side-effect from smoke. Now was up to you, you whether wanted healthy or wanted to be sick? Remained chose, all that you yourself that felt.

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