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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

= Discard Fat

The satisfactory appearance showed elegance and the simple softness. Everything had the slender and healthy body, you appeared strong in a physical, emotional and spiritual manner.

You wanted to appear OK? Each woman craved the body like that. But, how the view of the woman who had the fat body? Were they silent then? Certainly not his answer. Recently, the Indonesian health experts used Health Technology Assesment technology (HTA), Liposuction tumescent.

This technology safe was used could reduce the layer of fat in the body that officially was issued by the Department of Health, last year.

“Liposuction or operation-sucked-fat was one of the methods of reducing the layer of fat in part the certain body member. For example the stomach, the thigh, arms, et cetera. The technique is, made the hole small to skin and issued fat with the vacuum power (sucked). That became the main aim of the person did liposuction was body contouring that is throwing fat in the body part that was not wanted away.

”The body in a kosmestis manner better. Ideal in accordance with the patient's wish.” said Dr. Irma Bernadette, SpKK, Divisi Dermatologi Kosmetik FKUI/RSCM. Generally the person that did liposuction had the form of the body was better. His weight decreased. ”Volume fat that was issued 5 – 10 liter,” he said. So fat that was issued from the body, could not again in the similar place.

Although having several technical sorts that were used in practice, he said, the safest technique was used was the local drugs tumus him and kamula blunt, was good with the machine and sempirit (syringe). Because the local anaesthesia technique used the big volume from the solution to the material anesti, that was diluted to produce sewwling and firmness to fat subkutan as the area target.

Did the operation suck dangerous fat? Each action had the risk. The danger of each operation was the infection and the bleeding. Both of them could be avoided by means of did liposuction in sterile space. Before the action was carried out by the blood inspection/the laboratory before the operation. To reduce the risk of the operation. Liposuction could be done the local anaesthetic, used the anaesthetic technique (anaesthesia)” The development of the network” (tumescent). This method was found by Dr. Jeffrey Klein, doker skin (dermatologis) from the USA that made the revolution liposuction so as to become one of the relatively safe actions of the cosmetic operation.

”Preparations was enough, the responsible doctor, the risk of the operation will be relatively small. Statistics menunjukan liposuction was not more dangerous compared to the cosmetic operation lain,” Irma's words. There were several complications that could emerge resulting from from liposuction, that is skin was not level, hematoma (the pile of blood that could make donor skin die), a down, intravenous fluid overload (pulmonary oedema), toksisitas from lidokain, the perforation (almost had not happened to the local anaesthetic), and fat emboli.

Before did liposuction, there were two matters that must be paid attention to. Firstly, should not exceed the maximal dose lidokain. Because of giving of the excessive dose will cause toksisitas. Secondly, restricted the volume aspirat (the liquid + fat) that left the body not more than 2,000 cc per the procedure.

Safe, discarded Excessive Fat

The development and the progress of the operation sucked fat was not free from the role Dr. Jeffry Klein and Dr. Patrick Lilis that developed the Tumescent technique during 1985. This technique made the operation action of sucking fat be the relatively safe operation action. In Indonesia, the operation action of sucking fat was carried out during 1980, but at the time still was more unpopular because often caused the complication. However often the progress of technology and medical equipment, the operation action of sucking fat now was one of the safest actions of the cosmetic operation.

The operation sucked fat or liposuction essentially was a purposeful operative action kind threw the heap of fat that was abundant to one or several parts away tubuh,” revealed Dr. Irma Bernadette, SpKK, Divisi Dermatologi Kosmetik FKUI/RSCM. Irma explained, although having several kinds liposuction, but the technique tumesen liposuction (the operation sucked fat) was what was safest was used. Because this technique often imported the profit for the patient compared with the technique kanula and the power sucked.

Any profit that was gotten from the technique tumesan:

- Blood that went out of fewer.

- Did not need the infusion of the replacement carian the body.

- The risk of the infection decreased, because lidoakin was bakteriostatik, so tumesen had a function of enlarging the area that was done, so as the execution liposuction more was easy from results to be more level.

- Vasokonstriksi reduced the absorption lidoakin sestematik.

- Ephinerphine could increase ouput kardiak, so as to speed up excretion lidoakin from inside the body.

- The duration of the anaesthetic could up until 24 hours.

- Lidokain could be given in the dose per kg the weight was higher.

”The each operation including liposuction, the death could also happen. The cause especially is anesthetic death (especially the total drugs), thromboemboli and the public's situation or threw much fat in one away saat,” Irma's words.

The woman tended to stockpile Fat on the Bottom

Obesity was the weight surplus as resulting from the accumulation of excessive body fat. Anyone needed an amount of body fat to keep energy, as the hot partition, the shock absorber, and the other function. The normal comparison between body fat and the weight was 25-30 percent to the woman and 18-23 percent to the man.

The woman with body fat more than 30 percent and the man with body fat more than 25 percent were acknowledged as obesity. Someone who had the weight 20 percent higher than the middle value the range of his weight that was normal it was considered obesity.

There were three obesity groups

Firstly, minor obesity: the weight surplus between 20-40 percent. Secondly, obesity was: the weight surplus between 41-100 percent. Thirdly, difficult obesity: the weight surplus > 100 percent. Difficult obesity was found by as many as 5 percent of among fat people. Attention not hanyak was aimed at the amount of fat that was stockpiled, but also to the location of the accumulation of body fat. Now the pattern of the spreading of body fat to the man and the woman tended to be different. The woman tended to stockpile his fat on the hip and the bottom, so as to give the picture like pir.

Whereas to the man usually fat accumulates in and around the stomach, so as to give the picture like apples. But, this matter not was something that was absolute, sometimes in several the appearance man like pir and several appearance women like apples, especially after the menopause period. Someone that his fat was often stockpiled on the stomach possibly more will be easy experienced as the problem of the health that was connected with obesity. They had the higher risk. The picture pir better compared with the picture apples. To distinguish the two pictures was seized, was found by the decisive method whether someone have the shape of like apples or like pir, that is counting the ratio of the waist with the hip.

The waist was measured in the narrowest point, whereas the hip was measured in the point that was widest, then the measurement of the waist was divided by the measurement of the hip. The measurement of the female waist 87,5 cm and the measurement of the man's hip 115 cm, had the ratio waist-hip of 0.76. The woman with the ratio of the waist: the hip more than 0.8 or the man with the ratio of the waist: the hip more than 1, it was said had the shape of apples. (CR-TIO)

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