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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

= Implant To For Life

Ancient, pulled out teeth it was considered resolved the problem when teeth were sick or unsteady, in fact the withdrawal precisely became the cause of the new problem emergence.

This matter like that was revealed by Dr. Lita R Darmawan from Kharinta Dental & Skin Care. According to him, the first impact of this withdrawal was without teeth, then teeth that to despite this (upper or low teeth) will descend down and exact teeth was on the side will be askew to the position that ompong because of being not that kept.

“Resulting from him teeth will among them become the place of leftovers accumulated and that was most again problematic, the appearance of the face will be sunken because of not having his support. The appearance of the face will also change if we lost teeth,” he explained.

In ancient also, to fill up the position there were no teeth this, several generations in ats we installed him with false teeth that could be released rose, but these false teeth had the potential to be lost and caused was sick when eating. With the quite fast medical technological expansion at this time, the free pair paradigm of these teeth also developed to cekat the imitation crown.

This method required neighbouring teeth dikecilkan with the aim was made the grip for there were no teeth this. Unfortunately, if neighbouring teeth still in the good and healthy condition were forced to be damaged to In small would, whereas the concept of the maintenance action of teeth must be carried out as minimally as possible his intervention.

Well, technology that developed to overcome these date teeth was implant teeth that referred in what was pulled out. Implant had a function of replacing the teeth root that was pulled out, that was put into the patient's jaw. “magined, the molar had the teeth root of two or three, whereas implant that basically only had one but his strength exceeded strength original teeth, “revealed him.

The material implant that was made from the titanium have the characteristics could move like original teeth. Said by Lita, implant this could remain until for life the patient or approximately 30 years permanently carried out the maintenance after his fitting was good in the house or to the doctor, guarded the pattern of the life, the pattern ate, and the pattern of the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth.

“So, should not make a matter become more serious if we could carry out the prevention than medical treatment because the maintenance will be cheaper and time that was seized also not many, he said”.

As in the case of the stage that will be carried out before installing the teeth wire, the stage before put on implant also was not different, that is preceeded with the taking of the photograph x Ray panoramic or CT scan to know the thickness of bones. (Jerna).

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