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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

= The program descended cholesterol


The Quaker Smart Heart Challenge program (QSHC) asked the participants to unload cholesterol by consuming Quaker Oatmeal totalling 70 gr/the day for 30 days.

QSHC was held to help the participants to change the pattern of eating so as to make Quaker Oat one of the of their input of daily food.

The change in the pattern of eating this was expected to be able to help unloaded cholesterol of the participants who were diagnosed had high cholesterol.

The participants were also accompanied doketer specialis the Quaker nutrient each week to monitor the pattern of eating that was good and the sport activity that must be carried out by participants.

Apart from making the importance community of the health of the heart aware, Christina Nico Senior Brand Manager PT Quaker Indonesia also stressed the Quaker interest to help reduced the risk of the coronary heart disease that became the killer of the number of one in Indonesia.

Consumed Quaker totalling 70 gram that contained 2,9 gram protracted fibre can for 30 days unload the level of total cholesterol and LDL of 9 percent.

The QSHC program also often was carried out in several countries and was proven unloaded cholesterol. Several countries that had held QSHC were the United States, Mexico, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

This program not was the new activity for PT Quaker in Indonesia. During 2004, Quaker had carried out the similar activity in two companies that involved the employee of this company.

Saw the response that was positive from the participants, this year was again held for the public and was unlimited in one company.

The process rekrutmen QSHC participants through several stages, Quaker was opened booth check free cholesterol and free consultations with the Quaker nutritionist in several shopping centres.

Items Oatmeal that contained me Glucan was protracted fibre that could unload the level of cholesterol in blood.

Quaker Oat could unload cholesterol in the heart et cetera was changed into bile acid that will be distributed in the digestion.
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