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Saturday, August 16, 2008

= Treated teeth when being pregnant

Had you heard the saying that every time was pregnant one tooth was lost? This saying has definitely been not again foreign for many people, especially in the circle of mothers. This saying also was a sign that the problem of teeth often accompanied each kind of pregnancy.
Pregnancy was during that most make happy, each mother must want his pregnancy smooth, without being disturbed by the problem anything including the problem of teeth. Nayatanya, often the mother was pregnant complained about toothache. So why emerged the view in many circles that every time was pregnant definitely will experience the complaint on teeth. Circulated also a myth that said that when being pregnant, teeth calcium will be absorbed by the prospective baby so as to cause the mother's teeth to be fragile and finally was lost/the date.

Was easy Caries

This myth was actually very wrong, because the mineral to teeth had the shape of crystal hidroxyapatit that was very stable so as to be not possible to be absorbed to satisfy the requirement for the prospective baby. Often that happened was, in pregnancy to a change in the level of the acidity happen in the cavity in the mouth resulting from the change in the condition hormonal for pregnancy. The matter so that afterwards will cause the condition for the mouth to become sourer and to be easy to happen caries, finally teeth became the infection. Teeth damage will be increasingly fast because when being pregnant, several mothers felt frightened and were reluctant to go to the dentist. As a result beginning damages could not be immediately dealt with and caused teeth damage to become more serious, so as to emerge this saying.

Don't worry

The fear of the mothers was pregnant for the control of teeth routinely as a result of the existence of the view concerning the side-effect from the dentistry action like the defect emergence in a baby or the difficulty at the time of the change. In fact, actually most dentistry actions did not result in the dangerous effect the content. In this case that was most important is the existence of communication that was good between the dentist and the mother was pregnant as well as the gynaecologist's doctor who treated him. The patient must also understand the risk and the profit that will be received from the medical action this dentistry.

Even the mother was pregnant not check up teeth routinely or treated straightaway the complaint on his teeth routinely or treated straightaway the complaint on his teeth will give the bad impact for himself but also the embryo. A research that was interesting from American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in 2007, stated the existence of the risk of giving birth to the baby with the low weight (prethe term low birth weight/PLBW) to the mother was pregnant that suffered radangan in the cavity in the mouth (periodontitis). The other research that was carried out by Contreras A in the Periodontology Journal in 2006, expected the existence of relations periodontitis with preeklampsia, a condition for pregnancy that was marked by hypertension and proteinuria.

The manifestation to the Cavity in the Mouth

The manifestation of pregnancy that most often happened was gingivitis (gingivitis) despite with the level of different seriousness. Unfortunately the mother was pregnant tended to ignore this problem. The habit mengemil and the frequency ate that more often caused the plaque dump to be faster. The plaque was accompanied with the increase the level of homon oestrogen and progestron caused the inflammation and the plaque dump was faster. The plaque was accompanied with the increase in the level of oestrogen hormone and progestron caused the inflammation and the swelling to gums. The inflammation was to gums marked by the surface of coloured gums red, seldom grew and was easy to be bloody. Most often emerged to front teeth.
If gingivitis immediately was not handled, then will spread to around the teeth root (periodontitis) and could cause loose teeth. For a long time has been studied by the connection between periodontitis and the birth of the baby and the low weight that often result in fatal.

In several cases could grow one mass like the tumour, that emerged in anatara two teeth, was red rather purple or rather birua, as well as was easy to be bloody; that normally is mentioned epulis gravidarum. Epulis emerged because the shortage of the cleanliness of the mouth and the number of plaques as well as teeth coral. Epulis this sometimes could disappear automatically after giving birth or if being not lost and annoying then must be thrown away.

Teeth damage because of caries actually not the effect from pregnancy. The plaque from consumption of sugar that was abundant as well as the shortage of the cleanliness of the mouth contributed the contribution that was bigger towards the caries emergence. Teeth damage because of the erosion of the side of acid (perimylolysis), happened because the mother was pregnant often felt the beginning and vomited especially in the morning, as a result the remnants of the side of acid will damage the teeth email. When the teeth email became soft, fragile then teeth will also be easy broken.

To the mother was pregnant that often vomited it was recommended to immediately kumur and cleaned the cavity in the mouth that acid is immediately thrown away.
In several cases was found by the existence of the mother was pregnant that experienced the dry mouth syndrome (xerostromia), that was the side-effect from the change in the hormone for the pregnancy period. The condition for the mouth that often could trigger teeth caries became more active. The matter that could be done was with more often drank or stimulated the issuing of saliva with free chewing gum sugar.

The maintenance of teeth while being pregnant

The control of the diet was the matter that was very important to be paid attention to. The mother was pregnant must mendapt asupan nutrition that was enough, covered vitamin A, C, D, protein, kaslium, folat, fluoride, et cetera. The requirement ate that increased made the mother be pregnant tended to increase the frequency the snack apart from time to eat. Considering cemilan often contained sugar, better revenue the snack was restricted and immediately cleaned the mouth immediately after eating the snack.

The maintenance of the routine to increase higienitas the cavity in the mouth that covered the cleaning of teeth coral and the plaque safe was carried out both in trimester 1, 2 and 3. better be carried out more often to increase the level of the health of the cavity in the mouth. The toothbrush that was good and true as well as wash the mouth with antiseptic medicine like chlorhexidine 0.12% were really recommended.

The other maintenance like t teeth and the maintenance of the root channel could be still being done. Mendedation with the amalgam material that contained mekuri, was proven to be safe. Really was suggested to carry out the maintenance and mendedation to all the teeth that were broken to avoid the occurrence of the infection and the feeling was sick at the time of trimester the end. Except in the state of emergency, was suggested to carry out the withdrawal of teeth in trimester the three. At this time, the formation of the organ has been complete, and was time was most comfortable for the mother was pregnant to accept the maintenance was compared during trimester the three ends. The other maintenance that was shaped like a cosmetics like made white teeth (bleaching) better be postponed first.

The state of emergency could be like the abscess or the acute infection that needed the handling immediately, carried out in trimester how many also. The photograph x-rayed or x-Ray sebaika him was carried out only when necessary and the mother was pregnant must use the patron took the form of the layer of tin (the apron).

If enabled better the action was postponed until after gave birth. The mothers were pregnant must inform the existence of pregnancy in the official that served. On the whole, really was suggested to begin to maintain the cleanliness and the control of teeth routinely since the beginning of pregnancy. Communication between the dentist, the mother was pregnant and the gynaecology doctor must be more intensive, so as the risk could be minimised.

May the saying every time be pregnant, one tooth was lost was not again current. (Drg. Rikko Hudyono).

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