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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Stroke became the cause of the No. 1 of death in the Indonesian hospital, and the cause of the No. 3 of death in the world. Informed by us the method of avoiding him.

Possibly some people were that knew or knew about the pretty artist Meutia Kasim. This pretty celebrity was forced to have to hand over his jury's seat in the contest Indonesian Idol to the other celebrity because of the attack stroke. In fact you must remember true, how critical is him, I was sharp his statement, really attracted this agenda with the Meutia existence, that possibly received the role as the jury ’antagonis’ like Simon Cowell.

Storke indeed not the hair look. He could attack you when you were to the peak of the glory, claimed all that were had by you in one attack then. Stroke happened because of the existence of the disturbance then. Stroke happened because of the existence ganguan the circulation of blood to the brain take the form of sumbatan (systemic) or even the outbreak of blood vessels (hemoragik). Further, cells and the network of the brain will die and if being not handled as quickly as possible, perhaps will bring you to ’The other world’. but compared with you were haunted stroke, did several steps along with. Guaranteed, your risk will descend.

Descend 7%
If you moving one reason more for playing sport: A research that was carried out to 8,000 men in Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands found that the man who had the level of high testosterone tended to have the small risk suffered stroke. So increase your testosterone with the exercise lunges, squats, and dead lifts. It is best to, carried out the exercise in the afternoon to unload the level of cholesterol that increased all day. So you did not only increase the level of testosterone, but at the same time unloading the level of cholesterol.

Descend 9%
If you be friends with ’the acid’

Well, if you planned to finish this week end in the peak, not there is mistakenly you made use of yourself to buy strawberry fresh that often was met there. ”Consumtion the fruit that contained acid, like strawberry, could give the protection for the body anda,” said Dr. Jan Sudir Purba, Ph.D., from the School Of Medicine of Universitas Indonesia. According to the experts in Massachussetts University, flavanoid -a kind antioksidan- in miraculous this protected your body by means of cleaning the artery. For the maximal benefit, drank 250 ml juice strawberry every day.

Descend 12%
If you knew his dose

Researchers from TNO Nutrition and Food Reseacrch in Zeist found that the man who drank a glass alcoholic drinks (for instance, beer) each night, could lower the level of fibrinogen –pemicu blood clotting. The researchers also found that the level of good cholesterol (HDL) they increased. alcohol could be useful to your body if being consumed with the exact dose, ” Be enough drank a glass (250 ml) a day to help expedited the function The kidney,” said Dr. Jan. But if you drank more than the limitation, then this drink could attack your brain.

Descend 14%
If you to-floss Teeth

Be based on based on the research that was published by Journal of Periodontology, your mouth could bring the problem, ”Bakteri the cause of the gums illness could provoke the reaction in immunity that will attack the artery anda,” said Dr. Michael Roizen. Avoid the problem in gums with the use dental floss and the destroyer of the plaque.

Descend 15%
If you consumtion gandum

Fibre that could be protracted -could be found to the porridge oat or wheat- will reduce the heap of fat to your artery, also unloaded cholesterol and the affected risk stroke. ” Added a slice of apples to the porridge anda,” the suggestion of the nutrition expert, Lan Marber. ”That's will make your porridge rich in pectin, that could unload the level of fat in blood.

Descend 21%
If you could breathe more lega

Not your couple that will breathe more relieved if you stopped snoring and you too! The research that was carried out by the experts in the University Californian UCLA found that the man who snored when sleeping suffered karotid the artery (the constriction) was serious enough in the layer in the area of the neck, that hindered the blood circulation to the brain and involved an affected risk stroke. Most effective medical treatment? The researchers in UCLA said, placed the tennis ball in the clothes rear when you slept. This made you could not sleep with the face appear before above -the susceptible position caused the snore.

Descend 23%
If you expelled stress from your living

Your possibly think that the complaint the he will accompany you were faster the death, but tried to remain. According to the researchers from Malmo University Hospital, from 100% the sufferer stroke, 25% among them were male that was separated. The highest risk happened after 12 divorce months resulting from stress, depression, and the change in the lifestyle. On the other hand, the man who had not married did not show the increase.

Descend 26%
If you expedited the current blood

” Bananas could keep away you from blood clotting, ”kata Dr. Jan. According to Jurnal Neurologi, bananas contained potassium that could expedite the blood circulation. Apart from bananas, green vegetables and milk also were the source of good potassium.

Descend 28%

According to the research from Finland’s National the Health Institute Public, 3 exercise hours that were full of sweat every week, will bring the reward for your head. Moreover the minor exercise as going, gardened, fished, for 4 hours a week could reduce the affected risk stroke as far as 14%.

Descend 36%
If you reduced consumption salt

The Habit to use the spice increased your possibility to be in the position that did not please, was like this the Stroke Association covering. ”Although you did not add salt to your food, if you often consumption food that was processed as food was ready eat, your big possibility has passed the tolerance limit for consumption of salt of a day,”said Joe Korner, from Stroke Association. The consumption limit of salt of a day was 2,4 gram.

Descend 40%
If you opposed the swelling

A research that was carried out in Nottingham University found, they who measured the waist more than 37 inch had the affected risk stroke twice the fold compared with that around the circle his waist under 37 inch. ”cells fat that gathered in and around the stomach was different from the fat cell that gathered in and around the stomach was different from the fat cell in the other area to your body, ”said the writer of the research, Prof. Anthonya Barnett. ”Zat that they the pump could damage the insulin system and increased the affected risk stroke, diabetes, and the heart disease.

Descend 40%
If you were not foreign with the fish

The Research that was carried out in Harvard University in the United States found that consumtion the fish a month very much was enough to help to chase the risk stroke iskemik –tersumbat him the blood circulation to the brain. ”Omega-3 could unload bad LDL cholesterol, at the same time cleaning your artery, ” said the writer of the research, Ka He.

Descend 42%
If you could chase the alkohol drink

The Drink a glass bir quite pleasant and beneficial, but the party drank-alcohol only will make you felt hangover. The drinkers had the affected risk stroke through to 42% higher compared with them who did not drink.

Descend 50%
If you stopped smoked

If you continue to smoked that meaning that you were gathering the pile of fat to walls of your artery. Each chip of fat could hinder the supply of blood that ought to be received by the brain. But if you stop now, then after your 5 years will have the same opportunity was avoided from stroke with them that did not smoke. (Powered by Ruth Hutagalung).

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