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Thursday, August 14, 2008

= Omega-3


Generally, the child's intelligence simply not was based on the environmental factor, but had positive relations between the habit of a mother consumed the fish in the period was pregnant.

Was like this the study that was carried out in America that was reported the Journal of Epidemiologi America. Was based on this study, a normal mother consumed the fish when being pregnant was proven had the smarter child and the capacity motorik that was better compared to the child that during the period of in the content of his mother did not consume the fish.

A mother who consumed at least two portions of the fish each weeks him for the pregnancy period, was proven could produce the descendants (the child) with the better cognitive level (smart), had the ability to absorb the vocabulary and caught visual better, had the visual motor and the capacity motorik that was better.

This research gave the contribution that was significant for the study of the development of the baby's brain, because evidently the development of the baby's brain was really determined in periods beforehand he was born.

Almost all of our neurons were formed well at the time of trimester the two periods of the mother's pregnancy. At the time of so the critical process of developing the interconnection correctly took place.

Thoughts, the habit, and our cognitive capacity, of course were results of the functional process of the brain.

Therefore, abnormal to the brain will cause abnormal in thoughts and our behaviour next the day.

Why the fish Influential? Because of the fish often contained Omega-3 as the important component in the formation of the brain. (LID).

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