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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

= The Pretty Smile Beautiful Teeth

Teeth were the important part of the appearance. Many methods of getting neat and beautiful teeth, from the use of the teeth wire to invisalign

Neat teeth without the wire

Indeed the teeth wire became tren special, but was the person that felt risi used this teeth wire. Especially for them, currently had the new innovation, tidied up teeth without the wire. The method just corrected the teeth composition without this wire was invisalign. His form was similar to false teeth clear that at once could be applied to teeth for eight hours a day, for two weeks, for maximal results.Without the wire, colours rubber, invisalign was designed for them who gave priority to the practicability without sacrificing results.

The patient could come to the doctor to check the teeth situation. Then in a computerized manner, the measurement of teeth was made by the version 3-D as the measurement of the foundation, dummy that will be sent to America. From the country of Paman Sam, “False teeth” this plastic was given to the patient in order to be put on for two weeks.“Invisalign could be brought came home and was used in the house. Nightly was used eight hours a day for ten to fourteen days,“ said drg. Elizabeth Linda from Dental Salon. After the period, usually has the movement of the form of teeth. Afterwards was carried again out the repeated grating in a manner the computer to find the new form.This method was carried out occurred again until the patient found the form of teeth that he wanted. Easy not? Inivisble, removable, free the metal material that could result in the irritation also could be cleaned from time to time.

At this time invisalign was becoming the idol in the world ortodontis. However, not everyone could enjoy him. As you know, his price was not cheap. Yes, always had the price to appear better, isn’t it? (Yohan).

Stay white with home bleaching

There were two methods that could be followed to get white teeth, that is home bleaching that could be carried out in the house and office bleaching that was carried out in the teeth clinic. According to Dr. Lita R Darmawan from the Kharinta teeth clinic, after did bleaching, there were several maintenance in the house that must be done so that teeth stay white, among them:

Take the teeth edition and smeared with the whitening material. Usually after did bleaching for the maintenance in the house, the dentist will give the teeth edition that was printed in accordance with your teeth contour. Tonight, put on the teeth edition that was smeared this whitening material for eight hours. Cleanse teeth of whitening material in the morning. Choose toothpaste that contained bleach. The maintenance of these teeth was important was undergone, because after did bleaching, the colour of teeth will descend one level every day if being not treated.

The ideal maintenance

The maintenance of these teeth might not be carried out every day. Ideally the maintenance of this teeth bleach was only carried out for one month. As for to avoid yellowish teeth, along with tips him: Pay attention to your lifestyle, reduced food that his characteristics were coloured for example food that contained coconut milk, including the drink of soda. Reduce also consumption of coffee and tea that also had the effect made teeth yellow.Increased consumed bengkuang, strawberi, and the watermelon. Increased drank the pure water, minimal eight glasses a day. The pure water had the characteristics neutralised the viscosity from the acidity of the saliva at the same time functioning as the cleaner of the body organ. (Sri Noviarni).

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