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Thursday, August 7, 2008

= The benefit of the spice from inside the land

Not all the heroes of the life on the surface of the earth. Partly was that live in underground. For example 3 heroes. With no hesitation they continued to maintain the health of humankind without hoping for the recompense. (Ricky Anderson).

Without being realised by you, many underground creatures who uptil now were ignored by you, were ready to maintain your health. Recognise them.

Ask about your grandfather, or they who lived when medicine was not yet found, how did they maintain the health? Definitely his answer by means of processing plants. And... although being gathered by means of simple, the plants ingredients could maintain stamina in fact cured various illnesses.

Dr. Susiani Purbaningsih, DEA, the expert of plants physiology from the FMIPA UI Department said, the plants composition herbal indeed The usefulness cured various illnesses. His empirical authentication was acknowledged by many circles so as together with passing of time, currently in the market often was sold various crop medicine in the form of the capsule, the pill and the drink. Anything his form, basically same, plants that came from nature to bring the usefulness for the human body, if being processed correctly.

Then, if from the medical spectacles, medicine that was made from these plants deviant and will bring the effect of the negative? Clearly Susiani said, “No! Precisely much chemical medicine now –although not all of them- was synthetic or the imitation from medicine that came from nature”.

That meaning that many compositions from modern medicine that took the main point from natural medicine like plants. in fact, there were thousands of crop kinds herbal that could be used by us as medicine. But only 500 species that could be identified well. Along with, kai chose 3 that really usefulness and was useful for the health of your body.


was the crop of the rhizome kind that since long ago had been used by humankind as the spices material and the medicine. The branch from the ginger rhizome, usually has the shape of the human finger and had smelled nice, because of having the content of attrition oil. The other scientific content that was owned ginger was gingerol, oil flew, and limonene. The crop that had the other name zingiber officinale this, also contained the active substance shogaols and gingerols that had a function of generating energy. Moreover, the experts acknowledged him as the crop kind antioksidan strongest a world. Ginger played a role as the hero for humankind, because of could cure the illness and various annoying signs like along with:

Kept nausea and drunk the trip

Ginger could keep serotomin -the compound chemistry- that caused the contraction stomach so as to emerge nausea. Because of this, he was very useful for the person who found it easy to be attacked drunk the trip, both the land, sea, and air.

The scientist in Japan found the fact, that gingerols functioned in a manner the reflection kept your wish to fade. With comsumtion ginger, 20 minutes before rising the vehicle (the car, boat or the aircraft) you will have the strength remained 4 hours without the feeling of the headache, nausea everything faded.

This fact was afterwards reinforced with the The American Phytotherapy Reseach Laboratory findings in Salt Lake City that proved, a child who was given ate ginger, could carry out the proceeding movement for 6 minutes without the feeling of the significant headache. Whereas the other child that not comsumtion ginger, only could carry out the proceeding movement for 4.5 minutes, with the feeling of the extraordinary headache.

Expedited the obstruction of blood

The ginger capacity in stimulating the release of the adrenalin hormone and widening the network of blood vessels, made the blood circulation flow smooth so as the work of the heart to pump him was very limited. The researcher from Cornell University Medical College said, ginger could expedite the obstruction of blood as in the case of aspirin. The level of gingerol in ginger that was antikoagulan, play a role important to prevent the process of blood clottin.

So, industriously comsumtion ginger, the problem of the obstruction of blood vessels -that became the main cause stroke and the heart attack- could be avoided by you. And as in the case of plants antioksidan alin, ginger was natural medicine that was good to maintain the health of the heart.

Maintained the digestion

The active substance shogaol available in ginger stimulated the smoothness of blood, so as the smoothness of the system penceranaan also was helped. This process also happened owing to help of the digestion enzyme had a name protease and lipase, that worked to digest protein and fat.

Released the migrant

A research in Denmark mentioned, comsumtion 1/3 sdt powdered ginger, could stop the rate of the attack megran, even before the sign of the next headache came.

Unloaded cholesterol

Apart from berkhasiat expedited peyumbatan blood, gingerol ginger was also potent to help unloaded the level of cholesterol in the body. A research that was carried out against the animal, produced the fact that ginger was proven to be potent reduced fat in the body.

Against cancer

The content vitro to ginger, was influential in pressing the rate of cancer to normal cells the human body. Moreover in a test, proven ginger could increase immunity of the animal body that suffered the tumour.

Actually, still many usefulness of ginger that could we revealed. One of them was if dikombinasi with the tree leaves ginkgo, evidently ginger could make the brain cleverer.

Despite in this case, the influence gingko that indeed played a bigger role. in an opportunity, ginger had also been compared with 35 other kinds of the medicine crop. Results of ginger became the winner in the category of plants that berkhasiat pressed the growth of the fungus to human skin. Moreover he was effective to expel the recalcitrant fungus, that actually not faded by the maintenance lulur traditional normally.

Tati W Winarto, Herbalis from the Foundation of the Developer the Obat Karyasari Crop said, in Indonesia the utilisation of ginger continued to be carried out maximally. “Jahe that was good for treated the dry cough, the throat illness, injured skin, very itchy, pivot pain, the snake bite, cholera, in fact was suitable to be made the aphrodisiac for the impotent sufferer”.

The feeling of ginger that was hot because of the content oleoresin could make the body warm, so as the side was felt comfortable, alleviated imprisoned the stomach and helped the fast body to issue the wind. The tip got best ginger: looked for ginger that still fresh, avoided that has been already wet, mengkerut, or his surface was too soft.


Plants that lived fertile in the plain or taking-roots mountains loose this, had the scientific name kaempferia the dock. Although initially (like turmeric) galingale was often buried was cultivated by Indonesians, Malaysia, and the South-East Asian nation other. Galingale including plants herbal with rizoma was in doubt, with the form of the oval leaves widened as far as the land. The long measurement of the galingale leaves usually 10 cm, with the diameter 6 through to 7 cm.

In our country, normal galingale was processed into the herbal tonic base, because including in the kind of the medicine crop in the ethnic group te you-findings. This crop rhizome, contained volatile oil and the alkaloid that often were made use of as stimulan. The cultivation practicability of plants that grew fertile in this rainy season was tested.

He could be buried in the pot or in the garden that was enough to get the sun rays. If being mixt vegetables oil, the galingale rhizome could cure the wound and brought the warm effect on the person's body that experienced rheumatism.

Moreover some galingale that was changed to lotion could cleanse dandruff of the head. Now that had the shape of the powder, if being mixt honey could become medicine that was effective for the cough sufferer and was sick in the chest part.

Against the Tumour

The scientist from Unversity of Leicester concluded, effective galingale pressed the growth rate of the tumour. The substance ethanol from proven galingale kept teleocidin B-4, the cause of the tumour that produced Epstein-Barr the virus in the Raji cell. In every time 100 g/ml the galingale liquid, was produced the substance antitumor that was enough to ward off the raging illness.

The drink material of tonic

Galingale that had grown in the west territory since hundreds last year often were used as the drink base of effective tonic calmed the fever and various were sick the digestion. Because galingale was really known to boost up stamina, and so Arabians used galingale as the main drink of their horses. Now, the Tartar nation drank him in the form of tea, to melecut the power before waging war.

If being consumed by 3 times a day: the morning, the afternoon, in the afternoon, Tati believed galingale could cure itchy on the throat, reduced the stiff feeling and eliminated the body smell. Galingale could be also used to cure the stiff and inflamed eyes of the ears child.


Physically turmeric grew this one rhizome indeed was not different far from ginger. Moreover, turmeric personally actually indeed still be classed as in the family ginger-jahean or more was known with the term zingiberaciae. And for you who liked to cook, definitely him has not been again foreign with plants had the shape of this finger discount.

In the world kulineri, turmeric indeed often was used as cooking colouring matters. Turmeric that also could be processed into this cosmetic material, was used as the mainstay spices by the Asian nation since thousands last year. Not only that, turmeric was also known as the medical treatment material to be most effective that was practised the Chinese nation.

The scientific content that was contained in turmeric was kurkuminoid that consisted of the active substance kurkumin, desmetoksikumin, bisdesmetosirkumin and various other positive substances. Several usefulness of turmeric that has been known to be general in part:

Postponed Cancer

The substance antioksidan that was contained in turmeric, could protect your large intestine cell from the influence of the damaging free radical of DNA.It’s benefit big, remembered the process of the change in the quite fast large intestine cell, approximately 3 days very much. Because of the change, if immediately was not dealt with the DNA cell on the large intestine that was contaminated by the radical free to produce moving cancer fast, so as they spread and made damage serious. The other method turmeric helped us to be by means of improving the function of the work of the heart.

Helped the sufferer Cystic Fibrosis

Kurkumin, the biggest content in turmeric that gave his colour was yellow, could correct genetic damage that caused cystic fibrosis (the illness was dangerous that attacked the lungs by means of covering him with thick mucus). The dangerous illness that caused the acute infection and could cause this death, attacked 30 thousand children and the adolescent in America, so as they could not it was predicted survive through to the age 30 years. This mucus also could merusk the pancreas, apart from influencing the body capacity.

Helped the sufferer the HIV

Results of the laboratory research very much suggested the AIDS sufferer for more to comsumtion turmeric, because of the content kurkumirus by means of blocking the growth rate of the virus by means of blocked long the terminal repeat (the DNA identity) in the HIV gene.

Tati also added, since long ago our ancestors had indeed entrusted recuperation of various minor illnesses, like inflated, the pain stomach, nausea, very itchy because of the smallpox, the fever, or diarrhoea to turmeric. “However not rare they also used turmeric to cure the illness mag, eczema, even diabetes”.

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