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Sunday, August 17, 2008

= Overcome swelling gums

The gums illness was the general term from the illness periodontal. This illness could attack the adult through to would-child. When being not overcome straightaway then the gums illness could cause free teeth and caused various illness sorts like the lungs, cancer et cetera. According to Drg. Elizabeth Linda from the Gigi (teeth) Dental Salon Clinic, The cause main of swelling gums was caused by several factors, that is the cleanliness of the mouth that not all that for example to brush more untrue teeth his direction, teeth coral that was pulled out or cleaned. Healthy gums were pink, his form did not stand out in teeth gaps, not swollen and his texture like citrus fruit skin, if being touched elastic.

Teeth relations and gums

Generally when teeth not disikat and was cleaned truly and was arranged, will cause the plaque to teeth. The plaque was a layer that contained food and the bacteria that afterwards hardened to tartar or teeth coral that could cause the gums illness. Apart from teeth coral that was not cleaned, the toothbrush was untrue and clean could cause still the existence of leftovers that adhered at the edge of teeth that most close to gums. When being left alone increasingly for a long time would much and could trigger swelling gums.

The sign of swelling gums

Generally the illness of swelling gums was always followed with the certain sign. Gelaja swelling gums that must be paid attention to thoroughly in part :

- Visible gums red, the swelling
- Be sick and was easy to be bloody when being touched
- The breath became smellyIf already serious will cause the inflammation to gums, as far as unsteady teeth as well as was easy free.

Immediately must be overcome

Swollen gums, if being kept still will be very dangerous. That one situation had an opportunity to become one of the illnesses that attacked the other body organ, that was most frightening was cancer. To overcome swelling gums could be begun by maintaining the health of the mouth, by means of menyikat teeth correctly. The toothbrush in accordance with the minimal suggestion twice a day and when necessary after eating. Moreover was important also to hard-working cleaned minimal teeth coral four months very much till six months very much.

Don't forget to clean also leftovers that slipped around two teeth, like dental floss. When having the remnants of the teeth root that had the potential to become the source of the bacteria then immediately must be pulled out. The control of the routine to the dentist also must be carried out minimal six months or a year very much.

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