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Thursday, August 14, 2008

= Paprika made sperm aggresive

Consumed likopen from red paprika could increase the sexual quality. Likopen was believed in could increase the number of sperm, improved the structure of sperm, and increased his aggressiveness.

Was based on the research in India against 30 couples was unfertile, consumed likopen totalling 20 mg while 3 months could continually increase the number of sperm of 67%, improved the structure of sperm 63%, increased the speed of sperm 73%.

Be based on the report on All India Institute of Science New Delhi (2002), likopen was one of the 650 kinds karotenoid that normally was met in the high concentration to the testes. If the concentration likopen low, the man will find it easy experienced to unfertile.

Likopen red paprika could maintain the mental and physical function lansia. After entering the blood circulation, likopen will arrest the free radical to old cells and improved cells that experienced damage.

The processing of paprika better be carried out correctly in order to not reduce his nutritive value. So that the level of not fast vitamin C yawned, better paprika was put into cooking at the end of the process of cooking or being mixt with salad.

The storage of paprika was preferably carried out exactly. The content of vitamin C could decrease, in fact was lost, if paprika that was divided was allowed for a long time was affected by air.


There were several methods chose and kept good paprika. Firstly, chose paprika that his skin was still slippery, shone, and not dull. Secondly, chose that was hard to confirm that his quality was still good and new. If being bought in the situation was wrapped plastic, immediately opened his package so that not humid. Thirdly, kept paprika in the pocket of plastic that has dilubangi before being put into the refrigerator, so as kept for the long period.

Paprika should be not allowed in the situation to be divided if immediately will not be eaten because vitamin C that was contained inside could decrease or be lost. (LID).

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