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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

= The mother's milk


Giving of the mother's milk as immediately as possible in time one hour after the birth by means of allowing the baby to follow his instinct to drink the mother's milk could prevent 22% death of the baby who just was born.

The expert in the mother's milk from centres of Laktasi Indonesia Dr. Utami Roesli explained that could happen because of the mother's milk that was first went out contained nutrition and important substances that were needed by the baby.

Drink the mother's milk in beginning moments of the birth, he said, also made the baby just was born and the mother carried out direct contact (skin to skin) and gave mutual important stimulasion that could cultivate the baby's surviving capacity and sped up the process of restoration of the health of the mother.

“Kontak skin was very important because the chest of the mother heated the baby exactly. The warmth when giving the mother's milk to the baby reduced the death because hipotermia,” he explained.

The mother and the baby also. According to him, felt calmer so as the heartbeat as well as his breathing were stable.

During investigated looked for the mother's breasts, Main continued, the baby will lick the mother's skin, swallowed the bacteria was not dangerous on the mother's skin that will form the colony of the good bacteria on the intestines that will oppose the harmful bacteria in his environment.

”First time the baby found the mother's breasts and suckled was early a relations suckled you-baby that will maintain his life,” he said.

He hoped the method could be applied by all the mothers that more babies could be rescued because according to the latest data 35 from 1,000 children in Indonesia died before his first birthday.

The WHO report in 2005 in fact mentioned every time six minutes of one baby in Indonesia died.


Diarrhoea of one of the illnesses that most often was encountered when the source of water that was used by the community was contaminated by pathogen micro-organisms like the bacteria, the protozoa parasite and the virus.

”Got the source of clean water to drink evidently was not easy. The source of water from the river, the lake or the pond tended dirty, in fact often turbid moreover when the rain season arrived. Water in this condition clear was contaminated,” Christina's words from the Foundation of the Lamp of Yogyakarta village.

Christian suggested, the community's habit to get the healthy drinking water was by means of being boiled. In several areas that his water was turbid, the community must process water became clear and appropriate to be processed to the drinking water. The fact is, some communities that still were using turbid water without the process so as to appear or from the aspect of the feeling of having his lack.

Pur water the filter system was the mixed material took the form of the powder that could kill the pathogen bacteria and eliminated the solid in water. ”Water that was dirtiest could become clean, safe and healthy water to be drunk.” Christian's words.

Developed by Procter & Gamble (P&G) co-operated with the Centre of the Control and the Prevention of the United States Illness, PUR was made from the chlorine material as disenfiktan and coagulant substances to eliminate the solid in water, protozoa and the virus. Moreover, PUR also contained the substance to kept took the form of clay and plimer to support the occurrence of coagulation and fokulasi that was good.

The PUR content material in fact was the general material was used in the process of purification of water in various countries.

His difference of PUR was made in such a way as to be able to be used in the level of the household without needing the installation was focussed that needed the expensive cost.
This program not was the new activity for PT Quaker in Indonesia. During 2004, Quaker had carried out the similar activity in two companies that involved the employee of this company.

Saw the response that was positive from the participants, this year was again held for the public and was unlimited in one company.

The process rekrutmen QSHC participants through several stages, Quaker was opened booth check free cholesterol and free consultations with the Quaker nutritionist in several shopping centres.

Items Oatmeal that contained me Glucan was protracted fibre that could unload the level of cholesterol in blood.

Quaker Oat could unload cholesterol in the heart et cetera was changed into bile acid that will be distributed in the digestion.

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